O que é o extrato de Phalaenopsis Amabilis

Phalaenopsis amabilis é uma espécie de Phalaenopsis. Esta espécie é uma das flores nacionais da Indonésia (junto com Jasminum sambac e Rafflesia arnoldii). Na Indonésia, é comumente conhecido como anggrek bulan (orquídea da lua). A cor de base da flor é o branco e possui pouca fragrância. É capaz de florescer por um longo período de tempo e pode crescer até 10 cm de diâmetro ou mais. Plante flores da primavera ao verão com várias flores. As flores têm 10 cm de largura e são ligeiramente perfumadas.
Phalaenopsis amabilis have blooms that last for several months in the proper conditions. The plant itself is very small but the flowers are relatively big and marvelous. With its beautiful flowers, this plant will surely enhance the beauty of the home and also purify the air inside the house. It’s said to remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and methanal commonly released off from paints, solvents and other synthetic materials.
Phalaenopsis amabilis belongs to orchid family, originated in subtropical rain forest area. It’s a epiphytic orchid, known as "queen of orchid". Phalaenopsis amabilis owns lots of functions such as waking up the mind with its fragrance,, anti-aging, prolonging life, appetizing and tonifying spleen, removing exhausted nerves and keeping calm, supplementing breath and promoting the production of body fluid, beautifying your skin, dispelling wind and dehumidification, relieving cold and pain,stimulating blood circulation, removing blood stasis and hemostasis, improving brain health, adjusting endocrine disorders, enhancing capillary elasticity, protecting liver cells, anti-cancer and other effects. In particular, the active substances in pollen have health care effects on various organ systems of the body and have good therapeutic effects on diseases of various organ systems.

Extrato de Phalaenopsis Amabilis
Phalaenopsis amabilis extract can be used in skin care cosmetic applications.
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